Woman arrested after stabbing 1-year-old in stroller

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Authorities in Philadelphia have apprehended a woman deemed a person of interest related to two separate stabbing incidents, one involving an infant, which occurred on Saturday.

Officials report that the first incident happened around 8 a.m. on the 1300 block of Chancellor Street in Center City. The suspect, 29-year-old Takeira Hester, is said to have attacked a 24-year-old woman, stabbing her twice before fleeing the scene.

According to authorities, a few hours later, Hester approached a stroller with two infants and stabbed a 1-year-old boy in his arm in the Rittenhouse Square area of Center City before making her escape.

In a press conference held by law enforcement, it was indicated that the attacks appeared to be unprovoked. Philadelphia Police Capt. Frank Banford described the unsuspected and swift nature of the attack saying, “This offender just runs up, quick stab, runs. It looked like this female just rushed up to them, nothing was said, completely random, tried to stab both children but got one child in each arm.”

Prior to these stabbing incidents, Hester had previously been arrested on charges of aggravated assault. She also has an outstanding warrant in New York City over similar charges. Investigators are currently probing her connections to the Philadelphia region.