Woman arrested for alleged murder of her daughter’s abusive boyfriend

Dallas police have apprehended Patricia Conlon, 49, in connection with the fatal shooting of Joshua Troutte, 34, at his residence on Ash Lane. Conlon is now facing murder charges after allegedly taking the life of her daughter’s boyfriend on Sunday afternoon. According to local news reports, Troutte had been involved in an ongoing domestic dispute with Conlon’s daughter since December 2021, with records indicating a history of abuse.

The incident unfolded when Troutte reportedly assaulted Conlon’s daughter by striking her in the head with a cellphone. In response, the daughter expressed her intention to end the relationship and move out of Troutte’s home, as documented in police records. On August 27, Conlon entered Troutte’s residence armed with a firearm. Witnesses heard Troutte pleading, “[J]ust shoot me!” before gunshots rang out.

Conlon claimed that she had entered Troutte’s home with the intention of holding him at gunpoint to prevent him from fleeing, as he had allegedly done in the past. She argued that she acted in self-defense, stating that Troutte had grabbed her hair and pulled her arm. However, police investigations revealed that the evidence did not support her claims. Notably, Troutte had previously pleaded guilty to assault and family violence charges in 2018.

The tragic incident sheds light on the complexities of domestic violence and the potential consequences that can arise from such volatile situations. Domestic violence resources and support networks are available to those in need, providing assistance and guidance to individuals facing similar challenges.