Woman bashed in the head with bowling ball during fight

MIAMI, FL – A bowling alley in downtown Miami became the venue for a chaotic fight early Tuesday morning when a bowling ball was being used as a weapon. According to authorities, the fight engaged at least seven individuals as numerous spectators watched in disbelief.

The incident at the Lucky Strike Miami happened around 12:45 a.m., turning a fun game into a combat zone. Social media clips showed various objects being thrown, including drinks, as the fight escalated into a frenzy.

The situation took a dangerous turn when multiple bowling balls were grabbed from the return system and used as projectiles aimed at the other brawlers. “Bowling balls were being thrown left and right,” Miami Police spokesperson Michael Vega told news outlets.

At one point, the video shows two women tussling over a ball. This culminated in one fighter being hit on the side of her head with the bowling ball, knocking her down. The suspected hurler then grabbed yet another ball, threw it at the crowd, and was ultimately restrained.

By the time police reached the scene, all the brawl participants had left the premises. The current focus is on locating both the victim and the suspect, who could face criminal charges, according to Vega. The charges could include criminal mischief for vandalizing the establishment and aggravated battery for the victim’s injury inflicted by the bowling ball.

The severity of the injuries sustained by the woman hit by the bowling ball remains unknown, as police have not yet traced her. Other brawl-related injuries were not reported. Investigators are currently interviewing potential witnesses and security staff at Lucky Strike Miami to determine the brawl’s cause.