Woman charged in poisoning death of boyfriend’s toddler

NEW CASTLE, PA – A Pennsylvania woman is facing criminal charges following the alleged poisoning of her boyfriend’s 1-year-old daughter in June of last year. The suspect, 20-year-old Aleisia Owens, is charged with criminal homicide for her connection to the infant’s death, reports the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office.

According to authorities, the toddler, identified as Iris Alfera, passed away after registering fatal levels of acetone in her bloodstream. Prosecutors contend that Owens had previously looked up information online about the potential dangers of children ingesting beads and batteries. These items were later found to be the cause of the acetone toxicity in the child.

On June 25, Iris was discovered unconscious at her father’s New Castle residence, where Owens also lived. The young girl died in the hospital four days after being found in the home.

In addition to the ingestion of harmful items, prosecutors allege Owens had been conducting online research on poisonous household items since February, with internet search terms like “beauty products that are poisonous to kids” and “medications leading to cause accidental poisoning deaths in children.”

Attorney General Michelle Henry stated that the alleged act of knowingly harming a helpless child is an unfathomable act of cruelty. Owens is not only facing homicide charges but also accused of attempted homicide, aggravated assault of a child, and endangering the welfare of a child.

It is yet to be determined if Owens has secured legal representation or if she has entered a plea. Prosecutors reported that she was denied bail. Since the tragic incident, a GoFundMe page has raised over $17,000 to assist Iris’ family.