Woman dies at illegal nightclub after employees dragged her to a back room instead of calling 911

A woman tragically lost her life after collapsing at an illegal after-hours club in Queens, according to her grieving family. Stephanie Quinones, who was celebrating her 35th birthday at the undisclosed establishment in Astoria, suddenly passed out. Shocking footage reviewed by The Post shows bystanders attempting to revive her by slapping her face before dragging her to a back room. Instead of calling 911, club workers allegedly left her unattended for hours until she ultimately succumbed to her condition.

Stephanie Quinones collapsed while partying at an illegal after-hours club in Queens, her family claims. The incident occurred on July 31 at an undisclosed nightspot on 49th Street in Astoria. Quinones suddenly passed out, prompting bystanders to slap her face in an attempt to revive her. They then proceeded to carry her off the dance floor by her arms. The club, which lacks a liquor license according to the State Liquor Authority, sent a photo of an unconscious Quinones to her mother in Florida. Meanwhile, the bartender engaged in text conversations with Quinones’ sister, Jasmine Gonzalez, who resides in the Bronx.

Gonzalez, unaware of the severity of the situation, arrived at the club two hours later. She called 911 upon realizing her sister’s condition, but club employees fled and locked her inside. Tragically, Gonzalez discovered her sister’s lifeless body upon reentering the club. She expressed her frustration, stating that no one stayed with her during her attempts to perform CPR on Quinones. The club’s employees had already left, seemingly to avoid any involvement when the authorities were called. Paramedics arrived and transported Quinones to Mt. Sinai Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

The NYPD confirmed that they are investigating the death of an individual at the location of the club on that night, although they did not disclose Quinones’ identity. Gonzalez expressed her anguish, emphasizing that her sister might still be alive if someone had called 911 promptly. Adding to the family’s distress, they later discovered videos on social media showing Quinones lifeless on the dance floor. Family friend and activist Talea Wufka criticized those who filmed the incident but failed to call for emergency assistance.

Residents and local businesses in the area have expressed their concerns about the illegal after-hours club, which operates throughout the night and into the early morning. Wufka highlighted the consequences of such establishments, suggesting that the club’s avoidance of police and emergency services was an attempt to conceal their illicit activities. An anonymous nearby business owner revealed that the club initially claimed to be an insurance company during the pandemic but later transformed into a late-night party venue.

In response to the tragedy, Quinones’ family has launched a GoFundMe campaign, raising nearly $25,000 to date. The medical examiner’s office is currently investigating the cause of Quinones’ death.