Woman Fights Off Her Attacker At The Gym

Nashali Alma, 24, is speaking out about her recent attack at a Tampa apartment complex’s gym in late January. Alma was exercising when a man she recognized from the gym needed access to the gym.

Alma let the man in, but he then proceeded to approach her, grabbing her waist. She yelled for him to stop, but he chased her around the gym, pinning her to the floor. Alma fought back and tried to call 911 when the man released his grip. She then ran out of the gym to a nearby apartment.

The following day, investigators arrested a 25-year-old suspect on allegations of sexual abuse, kidnapping, and false imprisonment. Alma decided to share her story to empower other women and encourage them to always fight back and never give up.
Alma hopes her story can help other women feel more empowered and give them the courage to fight back.

With Alma’s story, women can learn that they have the strength and ability to fight back and escape. It is important for women to know that they are not alone and to always reach out to law enforcement.