Woman found shot inside of her car

PITTSBURGH, PA- A fatal shooting incident occurred late at night in the Brighton Heights neighborhood of Pittsburgh, resulting in the death of a woman. The incident took place near the intersection of Fleming Avenue and Falck Avenue, shortly before 11 p.m.

Local law enforcement responded to an alert from ShotSpotter, a gunfire detection system. Upon arrival, first responders discovered a woman who was critically injured from multiple gunshot wounds. The victim of the shooting was later identified as 25-year-old Danasia Lighty. When officers found her at the scene, she was in the driver’s seat of a vehicle.

Several local residents attempted to provide aid to Lighty before medical personnel arrived on the scene. After emergency services arrived, the woman was transported to a nearby hospital. However, despite their efforts, she was later pronounced dead as a result of her injuries.

Preliminary investigations suggest that the suspect approached Lighty’s vehicle on foot, fired multiple shots, and then fled the scene. The motive behind the shooting is not yet known, and the suspect is still at large.

In a separate incident, a man was discovered with a gunshot wound to his leg on Sandusky Street, outside Allegheny General Hospital. Investigators believe the man was shot at a different location and then left outside the hospital. He was admitted to the hospital and is currently listed in stable condition. Authorities are exploring the possibility that the two incidents may be connected. However, they have stressed that the investigation is still in its early stages and no definitive links have been established.