Woman gets run over by neighbor’s car after their trash can feud turned violent

A dispute between two neighbors over garbage recently took a turn for the worse. On January 4th, Lakisha Broomfield, a woman from Texas, alleges that Sydney Harris drove her over with an SUV after she disposed of her trash in Harris’ bins.

Harris told the outlet that Broomfield pushed her twice before she got into her car. She then plowed into Broomfield’s cans and knocked Broomfield to the pavement.

Harris reported that Broomfield had shoved her twice before she stepped into her vehicle. She then drove into Broomfield’s trash cans, causing him to fall to the ground. In an interview with a news outlet, she expressed “I can’t believe any person would hop into a car and hit a person the way she hit me.”

On the 13th of January, Harris was taken into police custody in Allen County on charges of aggravated assault. Harris asserted that her motive was not to harm her neighbour, but to only strike the garbage bins of Broomfield. Additionally, she claimed to possess a condition which impairs her ability to move.

Relations between Harris and Broomfield had grown hostile over the past few years, with Harris reportedly taking her neighbor’s water without permission. She is also accused of hurling stones at Broomfield’s vehicle while yelling at her kids.

Broomfield claimed that the situation was causing her to experience frequent episodes of anxiety and panic. She stated that she just wanted to be able to live peacefully and without any more problems.

Harris stated that she holds no animosity towards her neighbor.