Woman goes missing after going on a date at baseball game, arrest made

A 58-year-old woman, Leticia Martinez-Cosman, has disappeared under mysterious circumstances following a date at a Seattle Mariners game at T-Mobile Park. The Seattle Police Department has been actively investigating her disappearance, which occurred after she attended the baseball game with a recently-met male companion.

Brett Gitchel, a 46-year-old man, has been arrested by the police in connection with a murder and kidnapping investigation. This investigation was launched in relation to Martinez-Cosman’s disappearance. Gitchel is currently being held at King County Jail.

Gitchel has a history of criminal convictions, including drug offenses, auto theft, domestic violence, and providing false statements to public servants.

Martinez-Cosman was last in contact with her family when she sent them a photograph of herself and her date at the game. Her brother, Ricardo, confirmed that she had met the man a few weeks prior to the incident. The man who accompanied Martinez-Cosman to the game has been identified and questioned by the authorities. However, it is unclear whether he is the same individual as Gitchel.

As the search for Martinez-Cosman continues, her friends and family are left distraught by her sudden disappearance. According to Liz Latham, a close friend of Martinez-Cosman, her absence is highly unusual. Latham claims that the missing woman is deeply connected with her family and takes care of her neurodivergent son, Patrick, who requires constant attention due to his special needs.

The Seattle Mariners organization has also expressed concern over the situation and is in communication with law enforcement. The team has offered to provide any necessary assistance in the ongoing investigation.

While the circumstances surrounding Martinez-Cosman’s disappearance remain uncertain, the community hopes for her safe return and is committed to supporting the efforts of the Seattle Police Department in resolving the case.