Woman’s dead body found hidden in man’s closet

DALLAS, TX – A man from Dallas, 34-year-old Omar Lucio, is now under arrest for the killing of 27-year-old Corinna Johnson. An arrest affidavit reveals that the woman’s lifeless body was found hidden in the man’s closet.

Johnson’s family had reportedly suggested on several occasions that she leave Lucio. The murder came to light following an anonymous 911 call, relayed via Garland Police to Dallas Police Department, indicating that a fatally beaten woman was inside a W. Wheatland Road apartment.

On arrival at the scene, responding officers encountered Lucio, who was hesitant to come out of the apartment. After roughly an hour, Lucio did emerge and was promptly arrested.

According to an arrest warrant affidavit, upon entering, investigators found a blood trail starting from the front door, passing through the bathroom, and ending at a bedroom closet where Johnson’s remains were found, wrapped in the suspect’s bedding.

Lucio’s vehicle parked nearby also contained clothing drenched in blood. Lucio had contacted a woman and asked for her help around 1:30 a.m. on April 14, according to court documents. He admitted that he had severely assaulted Johnson during a drinking session that they were asked to leave.

The woman called 911 the following day after seeing Johnson apparently lifeless in the bathroom with her face battered and bruised.

During police questioning, Lucio confessed to physically assaulting Johnson in his car, resulting in visible injuries to his hands and traces of blood under his fingernails and on his shoe. However, he was unable to explain how Johnson’s body ended up concealed in his closet, as noted by the police.

Johnson leaves behind a 7-year-old child, and her family continues to remember her fondly, stating their regret for their fears about her relationship with Lucio turning out true.

Lucio is currently held in the Dallas County Jail, facing numerous charges. Johnson’s relatives are fundraising, aiming to meet the costs of her funeral arrangements. A fundraising event will be held at Arlington’s Daiquiri Dash at midday on April 20.