Young mom shot to death in front of her child

ATLANTA, GA – A horrific incident unfolded in Atlanta’s Carey Park neighborhood during the early hours of Saturday where a young mother lost her life in a targeted shooting. The Atlanta Police Department confirmed that 21-year-old Nejha Cox died after being shot while seated in her car, not far from Hollywood Road Northwest. The tragic event occurred around 2 am.

Upon arriving at the location, police officers uncovered a crime scene on the 2500 block of Center St. NW. Based on surveillance video and initial findings, authorities originally suggested that the shooting may have originated in another car. However, they later clarified that the perpetrators could be three men on foot.

Adding to the distressing situation, the officers revealed that Cox’s child was present in the car during the fatal incident. The Atlanta Police Department is currently examining the video footage in their pursuit of additional evidence and the culprits.

According to crime mapping data from the Atlanta Police Department, Carey Park has been witness to five aggravated assaults since March of this year alone. A conversation with a local resident revealed an unsettling acceptance of a high-violence lifestyle in the area, having been a resident for around 10 years. Safety for children became particularly questioned as, according to the resident, activities in public spaces often turned violent even in broad daylight.

The police department encourages anyone with potentially useful information surrounding this case to report what they know to the authorities.