Airlines in the US Continue to Cancel Flights Due to Omicron Surge

( – Starting a few days before Christmas and continuing until just past New Year’s day, many Americans take to the skies every year for one reason or another. Now, almost two years into the coronavirus pandemic, those who planned a getaway were likely more anxious than ever to get moving. However, the Omicron variant now running rampant worldwide has a different idea. In large part, because of crew shortages caused by infections, airlines may end up canceling more than 8,000 flights between Christmas Eve and Tuesday the 28th — with even more expected moving into the new year.

One group that might benefit from these cancellations is the over-the-counter analgesic manufacturers, as millions of people deal with stress-induced headaches. It’s not only domestic flights having problems due to this surge. A Delta Airlines flight from Seattle, Washington, to Shanghai, China, had to turn back to SeaTac airport roughly halfway into its 20-hour trip because of changed regulations at its destination.

While Omicron is not under control, relief may be on the way. The CDC has announced that fully vaccinated people and those who have COVID-19, but are asymptomatic, only need to isolate themselves for 5 days instead of 10. However, the unions that represent airline workers find the change a bit … convenient … since that’s exactly the reduction that airlines had formally requested.

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