Armed man killed by police in deadly shooting

GILBERT, AZ – A police shooting in a Gilbert neighborhood left one man dead on Sunday afternoon. The deceased has been identified as Brett Shanahan, 40. Around 2 p.m., Gilbert police responded to a call reporting an individual wielding a gun in a neighborhood. Police encountered Shanahan in a neighborhood near Greenfield and Warner roads, specifically at the intersection of Knox and Parkcrest roads.

Reportedly, Shanahan was discovered seated in a vehicle in the neighborhood. On officers’ approach, he emerged from his vehicle armed with a handgun and a rifle and wearing a ballistic vest. Despite officers’ orders to halt, Shanahan moved towards them.

Public Information Officer with the Gilbert Police Department, Officer Leyba, stated, “He did not listen to the commands, and the officers responded to the threat.” Shanahan was shot on the scene, where he succumbed to his injuries.

The aftermath of the incident saw the neighborhood and adjoining streets sectioned off with police tape for several hours. Nearby residents expressed shock over the occurrence, claiming such incidents are rare in their community. Resident Ryan Bartman commented on the unnerving occurrence, saying, “Very scary. Yeah, it’s a wonderful neighborhood here in Gilbert. Things like that usually don’t happen.”

Police currently lack clarity on why Shanahan was armed and his intentions. Officer Leyba noted, “We don’t know if he lives in the neighborhood, but we assumed he was going to his residence. I mean, that’s why he was in the area.”

The incident, seen as isolated by police, resulted in no other injuries to officers or threats to the public. This event marks the fifth officer-involved shooting in Maricopa County in 2024.