Auto shop employee killed after tire explodes

CAPE CORAL, FL – An explosion at a Firestone store in Cape Coral, Florida turned deadly on Sunday afternoon. A report from the Cape Coral Police Department confirmed that an employee lost their life when a tire exploded inside the store, located on Skyline Boulevard.

While law enforcement confirmed one fatality as a result of the explosion, there have been no reports of additional injuries. The investigation is currently ongoing, with details emerging as the case progresses.

An unnamed witness suggested that other observers potentially mistook the sound of the explosion for a thunderous noise, only realizing the gravity of the situation once police and ambulance services arrived. The witness also reported hearing screams after the explosion took place.

Firestone has publicly expressed its devastation in response to the tragedy. The company statement read, “Our deepest, most heartfelt sympathies are with the family, friends, and colleagues of our teammate.” Firestone added that it is working in full cooperation with local authorities to determine the cause of the accident.

The ongoing investigation by Cape Coral’s forensics detectives has been cited as the reason for the closure of the Firestone store on Monday, with no specific timeline for its reopening officially communicated.