Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill to Exclude Additional IRS Funding

( – A bipartisan group of senators is working to find a compromise on the $1.7-trillion infrastructure bill proposed by President Joe Biden that’s basically built an Iron Curtain between the two parties in the chamber. One point in the president’s plan is a “pay-for” [a method to fund the provisions] that the GOP wanted nothing to do with: giving more money to the IRS to ramp up enforcement policies.

Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) is one of the main drivers of the bipartisan bill, and he’s announced enhanced IRS enforcement won’t be a part of the proposed legislation — whatever that might be. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has set a deadline of Wednesday, July 21, for a procedural vote to allow the measure to come to the floor for debate.

However, there’s no text for the other senators to read and make an informed decision on, just a basic “framework” from which the bipartisan team is working. Schumer has also set that day for the Democratic caucus to decide if they’ll vote as a group on the overall $3.5-trillion budget proposal submitted by Biden.

If all the Democrats agree, they can pass the entire package — including their oddly broad definition of “infrastructure,” which many on the Right see as a part of the Left’s Socialist agenda — without a single Republican vote. Some have speculated the rushed voting schedule for the bipartisan project is the majority leader’s attempt to kill it in favor of the leftist wish list.

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