Building fire leaves 41 workers dead

KUWAIT CITY, KUWAIT – A blaze engulfed a structure accommodating foreign workers in Kuwait, claiming the lives of no less than 41 individuals in the early hours of Wednesday. The inferno is suspected to be connected to code transgressions, as disclosed by local authorities.

Interior Minister Sheikh Fahad Al-Yousuf Al-Sabah, upon visiting the affected area, affirmed the casualties and ordered the apprehension of the property owner, as disclosed by local media sources. In his words, Al-Sabah expressed intent to resolve the labor overcrowding issue and deal with any violations and the property owner involved.

Without providing specific nationalities, local media reports indicated a high number of workers resided in the structure located in the southern Mangaf district.

Head of the firefighter’s Accident Investigation Department, Col. Sayed Hassan al-Mousawi, mentioned that dozens of casualties resulted from the fire, and it’s possible that the final death toll could increase.

Substantiating the incident, India’s Ambassador to Kuwait, Adarsh Swaika, revealed over 30 Indian laborers were affected by the fire and hospitalised. However, Swaika did not disclose if any Indian nationals were among the deceased.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi lamented about the catastrophic fire in Kuwait City, offering condolences to the affected victims while maintaining that the Indian Embassy is working with local authorities to lend help to the affected. He also added that he is closely monitoring the situation.

Like its neighboring Persian Gulf nations, Kuwait harbors a considerable number of migrant workers who surpass the local populace. The nation, being slightly smaller than New Jersey (United States) and a home to approximately 4.2 million citizenry, is in possession of the globe’s sixth-largest known oil reserves.