Car crashes into cement fence after deadly shooting

TAMARAC, FL – Following a fatal shooting last week that culminated in a vehicular crash into a cement fence, the Broward Sheriff’s Office Homicide Unit is now seeking public assistance. The department has released new surveillance footage in hopes of identifying the suspects who were involved in the incident that transpired just after 2:15 a.m. Wednesday in the 6300 block of West Commercial Boulevard.

Upon arrival at the scene, detectives discovered Christopher Mathurin dead inside one of the two vehicles involved in the crash. Preliminary findings suggest that the crash occurred following a shooting, with the occupants of the second vehicle fleeing the scene immediately after the incident.

Genie Stone, a local resident, recounted the moment it happened, describing it as a loud bang that shook nearby houses. “I saw a bunch of police cars blocked off by Woodland. And then on the other side, it was a whole bunch of cop cars blocked off on 64th Avenue,” she said.

The newly released surveillance footage captures multiple angles of the crash, showing two male suspects escaping the scene. One is described as having a slim build, and the other is described as having a stocky build. Both are dressed in dark attire.

The two SUVs involved were later towed away as part of the ongoing investigation. The Broward Sheriff’s Office has called on anyone who has information related to the fatal incident to contact Homicide Unit Detective Steven Novak.