CNN Host Faces Backlash for Disgusting Decision

( – Several women have spoken out about their experiences with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) accusing him of various levels of sexual harassment. Lindsey Boylan was the first to come forward in an essay that alleged his administration was such that “sexual harassment and bullying [was] not only condoned but expected.”

On May 20, a story broke alleging Chris Cuomo advised his brother throughout his multiple scandals. He reportedly told his brother to not resign during strategy sessions. That night, Cuomo issued a nonapology apology on-air. He told viewers that he put his colleagues “in a bad spot.” He admitted to giving his brother advice, saying he is “family first, job second.”

He told viewers that “back in the beginning of March, I told you I can’t cover my brother’s troubles. It wouldn’t be fair.” Either he doesn’t get it or he believes his exalted position as a newsreader absolves him of the real problem: he used his job to sing his brother’s undeserved and untrue praises, instead of being neutral. Now, he’s facing backlash — and it’s well deserved.

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