Convention center shooting leaves 1 dead, 2 hurt

ST. CHARLES, MO – Tragedy unfolded in St. Charles, Missouri, leaving one person dead and two others injured following a shooting. The event occurred within the confines of the parking lot of the St. Charles Convention Center and the Embassy Suites hotel, as stated by the local police.

According to law enforcement authorities, two people are currently detained in connection to this unfortunate event. The deceased individual is identified as Terrell Peete, a 19-year-old from St. Louis.

The scene unveils a car crashed into a tree and riddled with bullet holes, as documented in videos taken at the scene. Responding promptly to a triple shooting call around 8 PM at the aforementioned site, the St. Charles police reported the incident’s timeline.

On reaching the crime scene, initial responders counted four people in the vicinity, three of whom had sustained gunshot injuries. Two critically injured victims were immediately rushed to nearby hospitals for emergency medical interventions. The third victim was wounded but did not need immediate professional medical attention.

Peete, one among the injured, tragically did not survive the attack and was pronounced dead at the hospital. The health condition of the other critically injured person remains undisclosed at this time.

Details about the two detained individuals believed to be involved in this incident have not been released by law enforcement as yet. Officials mentioned another connected crime scene near the convention center, its connection to the fatal shooting incident, however, is currently under investigation.

The St. Charles police continue to investigate the incident. The motive for the shooting remains unknown.