Detour Ahead: Bizarre Spills That Blocked Roads

( – In a typical year, Americans collectively put about 3.2 trillion miles on their motor vehicles. That equates to more than 34,000 trips between the earth and the sun. As one drives their share, they’ll see many trucks along the way. These trucks can carry some unusual loads that often spill, fall, and walk away from them. Here are a couple of odd occurrences.

A tanker truck in and around New Albany, Mississippi, clucked things up for officials and some drivers on the afternoon of August 3. Drivers who had the misfortune of traveling the roadways soon after the truck found themselves spinning out as if on black ice. The slickness was not frozen water.

The semi in question departed from a biodiesel facility with a malfunctioning cover, and every time it stopped or started, it spilled chicken fat onto the street.

On May 24 in Suffolk, Virginia, a truck overturned with a loud squeal — perhaps of its brakes, or maybe the 167 pigs it was carrying. Sadly, 12 died in the crash and 12 had to be humanely euthanized because of their injuries.

The tractor-trailer was hauling them for Smithfield Foods and was the only vehicle involved in the crash, reported at approximately 1:42 a.m. It took nearly 7 hours for crews to hoof their way out there and reopen the road. The very next month, a crate of homing pigeons fell off of a truck in Florida and blocked an exit on Interstate 95.

These tales are all a great example of why you should always travel at a safe distance from other vehicles.

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