Do Voters Deserve to Know Court-Packing Stance? Biden Says No

( – President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) first proposed the idea of creating more seats on the Supreme Court and filling them with people of his ideology because it was striking down too many of his New Deal initiatives. With the looming confirmation of Judge Amy Cohen Barrett, Democrats are dusting off this idea and using it as a threat if they take the White House and Senate in the upcoming elections.

Since this maneuver could push America hard to the left for decades to come, it’s become one of the central issues in the presidential race. The Joe Biden/Kamala Harris duo have been asked on multiple occasions for their position on the issue and the best answer anybody’s received has been “no comment.”

As a campaign stop in Las Vegas local TV anchor Ross DiMattei asked Biden “well sir, don’t put voters deserve to know?” To which the Democratic candidate replied, “no, they don’t.”

This is exactly the kind of disdain the Liberals come up with every day, which clearly shows they don’t believe the government — at least when they’re in charge — belongs to the people.

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