Double shooting at university under investigation

WORCESTER, MA – Worcester State University found itself under investigation and on high alert following a double shooting incident that unfolded on its premises. The Massachusetts State Police, in conjunction with the Worcester County District Attorney’s Office, are leading the investigation into the incident.

The university was swiftly placed on lockdown in the early hours of Saturday morning when an alert was issued at 2:49 a.m., instructing all occupants to shelter in place and await further updates. This precautionary measure was implemented following the shooting that occurred in the vicinity of a parking garage on campus.

According to the State Police, two victims were injured in the incident and subsequently transported to UMass Medical Center for treatment. Preliminary findings from the investigation indicate that the shooting resulted from an altercation and was not categorized as an active shooter incident. Importantly, neither the victims nor the suspected assailants were affiliated with Worcester State University as students.

The District Attorney’s office has called upon anyone who may have photos or videos taken in the areas surrounding Wasylean Hall and Sheehan Hall to share this evidence with the Massachusetts State Police, University Police, and Worcester Police as part of their ongoing inquiry.
While the shelter-in-place directive has been lifted, a substantial police presence remains on the university’s campus. The public is urged to steer clear of the areas where law enforcement personnel are conducting their investigation.

The collaborative investigation into the double shooting continues, with both the State Police and the Worcester County District Attorney’s Office committed to uncovering the circumstances surrounding the incident. As a result of the ongoing investigation and heightened security concerns, the university has made the difficult decision to cancel upcoming events, including homecoming and family weekend festivities.