Family missing for two months after husband was ordered to stay away from them

After two months, the Lutz Family of Newton, Illinois – Stephen Lutz, 44, Monica Lutz, 34, Nicholas, 9 and Aiden, 11 – is still missing, and the City of Newton Police Department is still meticulously seeking their whereabouts.

The family was reported missing by a relative on February 10th, and a U-Haul that was attached to a vehicle was discovered leaving the family’s home in the middle of the night. Moreover, their phones last pinged in Richmond, Indiana. Those phones have since been disconnected.

The City of Newton Police Department has been actively working to find the missing family since February 14th, saying there is no evidence to suggest they are in danger, though they are taking all necessary precautions as time passes. The Missing Persons Awareness Network believes that the family is in “grave danger.”

It has also been uncovered that Stephen Lutz appeared in court via Zoom for domestic battery charges in January. He was allotted bond with the mandate not to contact or enter the family or victim’s home. A warrant has been issued for his arrest. Additionally, there have been previous reports of domestic violence in the home.

The City of Newton Police Department is asking for everyone’s help in locating the family and has encouraged individuals with knowledge to contact the police department or the Missing Persons Awareness Network. The police department has requested for prayers for the family’s safe return.