Four people killed by deadly TikTok trend

A deadly TikTok trend known as “boat jumping” has resulted in the deaths of at least four individuals, including a father, in Alabama, according to authorities. Participants in this dangerous challenge jump or flip off the backs of speeding boats, often breaking their necks on the wake and drowning. Despite warnings from first responders, the trend has gained popularity in recent months, with participants filming their risky stunts for social media.

Over the past six months, Alabama has witnessed four avoidable drownings due to the boat jumping TikTok challenge, as reported by Capt. Jim Dennis of the Childersburg Rescue Squad. The challenge involves individuals jumping off the side of a boat, feet first, while it is moving at a high rate of speed. The victims failed to protect their necks and heads during the jump, resulting in fatal injuries. The first incident occurred in February when a man plunged into the Coosa River, tragically witnessed by his wife and children.

Despite the recorded death and warnings from rescuers, three more individuals met the same fate. Capt. Dennis believes that the desire to show off on social media often leads people to engage in risky behavior. The combination of the boat’s high speed and the still water creates a landing pad that feels like concrete, posing a significant risk of instant death or permanent paralysis.

Capt. Dennis is urging boaters to refrain from participating in this deadly trend and to discourage their loved ones from doing so as well. He emphasizes that the thrill of the challenge is not worth risking one’s life. Boat jumping has been a concern for first responders for the past two years, but its popularity has surged in recent months.