GOP Wants to Give More Money to Families — See How Much

( – When the CARES Act passed in March, it included direct payments to qualifying Americans and their dependents. Each adult received up to $1200 and qualifying dependent children under the age of 17 got $500. That figure would be increased in a second direct payment if a group of GOP lawmakers have their way.

On July 30, GOP Senators Marco Rubio (FL), Mitt Romney (UT), Steve Daines (MT) and Bill Cassidy (LA) introduced the Coronavirus Assistance for American Families Act. The bill would give every qualifying person with a Social Security number $1,000.

With this bill, a married couple with two children will receive $600 more than they did under the CARES Act. However, single people and those who are married without children will get less.

Cassidy explained the senators thought the bill was important because “much of the burden” from the COVID-19 pandemic is falling on kids and parents. The senators hope the legislation will help Americans pay for expenses like childcare and other expenses that pop up.

As the pandemic continues, every bit of help lawmakers can give families is welcome. Now, the bill has to go through the normal legislative hurdles.

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