Grandfather of Uvalde School Shooter Tells All

Grandfather of Texas school shooter shows inside his blood-soaked home and reveals bullet went through her cheek and exited under her ear – but she’s awake and communicating -Daily Mail

A journalist shared footage from inside the house where Salvador Rolando Ramos shot his grandmother, who called 911.

Salvador Ramos shot his grandmother in the face before killing 21 people at a nearby elementary school. Blood stains still mark the inside of the home.

A neighbor of Ramos’ named Eduardo Trinidad said the teen got into an argument with his grandmother the morning of the shooting. Text messages reveal that the argument was over something minor and of no real significance.

After shooting his grandmother, Ramos messaged a girl in Germany and shared his plans. The teen messaged a girl he’d met online about his plans to “shoot up a elementary school”. She wasn’t sure if he was serious.

Salvador Ramos legally purchased two AR-15 style rifles and more than 300 rounds of ammunition after his 18th birthday last week.

Rolando Reyes, 72, said he did not know his grandson had recently purchased two AR-15-style rifles. He said he would have reported the weapons to authorities.

Reyes said his grandson was quiet and did not go to school this past year. He said he did not know how to drive and had no driver’s license.

Despite not being able to drive, Ramos fled in his grandmother’s truck to attack the students and staff at Robb Elementary school.

New videos show parents breaking through yellow police tape and yelling at officers to go into the building, where the shooting took place.

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