Grandpa killed in subway shooting while trying to break up a fight

BROOKLYN, NY – A fatal subway shooting on Sunday night claimed the life of a New York man identified as Richard Henderson, 45, in an unfortunate act of violence on a Manhattan-bound 3 train. Henderson, from Crown Heights, reportedly died trying to mediate a heated dispute over loud music that transpired between the gunman and another man.

In a sad twist of circumstances, he was shot twice, receiving wounds in his shoulder and back, according to authorities and sources. His sudden demise has left his family in a state of grief and shock. He was remembered as a good man by his wife, Jakeba Dockery, who said he didn’t deserve his untimely end.

Richard was a father to three and grandfather to two girls. He was described by his family as a nurturing figure who went out of his way to assist others and always prioritized his family.

“He died helping someone. That’s him! He always intervened, he always wanted peace,” said his elder brother, Jermaine, with others echoing the sentiment of his generously helpful nature.

Richard was en route back home from a friend’s house, where he had watched a football match with his friend, Anthony Williams. Williams, who was present during the shooting incident, stated they hadn’t instigated any conflict with the shooter who boarded the train playing loud music and went on to shoot Richard before attempting to target him.

Henderson was remembered fondly by friends, family, and associates at Avenues The World School where he worked as a crossing guard. A GoFundMe campaign was started in his memory, raising over $12,000 within several hours.

Law enforcement officers haven’t made any arrests in connection with the homicide, so far.