High schooler brutally attacks teacher- their fight was caught on video

A student from a high school located in Georgia was taken into custody after a video of the attack that has gone viral showed a longstanding teacher being sent to the hospital with major leg injuries.

The juvenile student has been accused of aggravated battery in connection with an incident that occurred on January 26th at Heritage High School in Conyers, Georgia. This individual’s identity is withheld due to their age. A public information officer from the Rockland County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed the charge.

A video clip, approximately one minute long, gained more than 12.7 million views on Twitter as of February 2nd. In the video, the student is seen shouting profanity at the teacher before brutally slamming the door in her face.

The dispute spilled into the hallway, where teacher Tiwana Turner raised her arms to shield the student from becoming physically aggressive. However, the student swiftly struck her in the face.

The video of the incident reveals that the student pulled Turner down to the floor by her hair, and proceeded to hit her while bystanders attempted to intervene.

Since the incident, Turner has been hospitalized and is currently unable to walk, her friend, Jean Cannon, wrote on a GoFundMe.

Turner is in the hospital. Due to the injuries she suffered from the incident, she is not able to walk.

Her friend, Jean Cannon, shared this information on a GoFundMe page. In the fundraiser’s description, Cannon stated, “She will not be returning to work anytime soon, and she will require extensive rehabilitation and therapy.”

She is optimistic that the fundraising effort, which has acquired over $11,000 so far, will be able to assist in the alleviation of the financial burden associated with hospital bills.

The student was arrested by the Department of Juvenile Justice on the same day, as reported by the sheriff’s office. It was not immediately known if the juvenile had been given bail.