Ilhan Omar Poll Shows She’s in Deep Trouble

( – Typically, when a person seeks election to the House of Representatives or the United States Senate, they do so with a sense of patriotism and a desire to serve their constituents. However, for Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN), she seems more intent on tearing the country down and championing the cause of Islamic terrorist groups — and America’s voters are getting sick of it.

Who is Ilhan Omar? She’s a member of “The Squad,” a group of far-Left Progressives lurking in the halls of Congress. During the recent fighting in the Middle East, Omar tweeted that Israel and the United States commit “unthinkable atrocities” just like Hamas and the Taliban, effectively comparing our country to the likeness of terrorist groups. According to a Rasmussen Reports survey published on June 16, 61% of likely US voters are in disagreement with her comments.

And 50% of those same respondents would support the efforts of some Republicans to have her censured by the body, a formal rebuke of her statements. This is not her first foray into controversy or her first anti-American sentiment — and it probably won’t be her last.

It goes without saying that Americans are pretty fed up with Omar. However, with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) shielding her, it’s unlikely she’ll face any repercussions for her offensive tweet or really anything she says in the future.

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