Illinois Republican Criticizes Donald Trump

( – Former President Donald Trump is still a very active member of the GOP who enjoys a lot of support from the base. However, one Illinois congressman has taken a stand against the 45th president that may make him rather unpopular with the rank and file Republican voters in the country.

On September 13, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) spoke with CNN’s Anderson Cooper and called former President Donald Trump a “snowflake.” He added that he’s “one of the weakest men I’ve ever seen.” His statement came in response to Trump’s critique of former President George W. Bush’s comments on the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

In his speech, former President Bush implied the January 6 protesters and 9/11 terrorists share equally warped ideologies. Trump took exception to his predecessor’s words and said so, which caused Kinzinger’s attack.

The shot at Trump is not a good look for the embattled Illinois congressman. People have questioned Kinzinger’s conservative positions since early on in his career. He also faces the possible elimination of his district when Democrats from his state redraw the congressional map.

Meanwhile, the GOP doesn’t support Kinzinger’s position on Trump. A new CNN poll shows 63% of “Republicans/Republican-leaning Independents” believe the former president should be the leader of the party. It also indicates an overwhelming 85% believe that holding conservative values and positions is important in a candidate.

Seems like Kinzinger might not fit the bill.

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