Inflation Causes Food Banks to Fret Over Feeding Needy Families

( – US inflation is running at the highest rate in over 30 years, and while the Biden administration fights to push even more giant spending bills through Congress, some of the poorest Americans are already facing a crisis. Now, food banks say it’s only going to get worse.

The latest figures show that inflation rose to 6.2% in October, the highest it’s been since August 1991. Some of the most significant increases were in essentials like food, fuel and housing. With the holiday season and winter approaching, that’s ringing alarm bells.

Michael Altfest, a director at a food bank in Oakland, CA, told Newsweek the price of canned goods is up almost 9% over last year, while frozen chickens cost 13% more. Wage rises – and donations – aren’t keeping up with rocketing prices. Meanwhile supply chain issues mean fewer food choices, and holiday foods like turkeys, stuffing, and cranberry sauce are being hit particularly hard. For families already struggling because of the COVID pandemic, inflation could kill off any chance of a proper Thanksgiving meal this year.

President Biden says fighting inflation is a top priority but economists say his policies are making it worse. Research by the San Francisco Federal Reserve says the $1.9-trillion stimulus package he signed in March is pushing up prices and contributing to labor shortages. Now moderate Democrat senators are even more reluctant to approve more spending, because we just can’t afford even higher inflation. Will that finally be enough to make Biden stop shaking the money tree?

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