Judge Throws Out Governor Whitmer’s Case

(ConservativeStar.com) – Tumultuous, aggravating, high-handed, and unconstitutional are all adjectives that can be applied in describing how Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) handled the COVID-19 pandemic in her state. The way she locked down the state using executive orders — which were often described as “draconian” and issued by a person “who’s acting like a fascist dictator” — did not sit well with many citizens.

Many did not comply and faced her wrath.

Haircuts Were Criminal

In May 2020, a lone barber by the name of Karl Manke chose to defy her order that shut down the shop that he has run for nearly six decades. The governor’s administration rewarded his courage by filing criminal charges and revoking his business license.

In reaction to this, six hairstylists undertook what they called “Operation Haircut” as a protest in support of Mr. Manke and performed their services in front of the state Capitol building. They were also charged with violating the edicts pronounced by Whitmer.

In the Courts Its Citizens 3 – Whitmer 0

  1. The Michigan Supreme Court handed down a decision on October 2 that was a stinging rebuke of the governor overstepping her authority and bypassing the legislature with her unilateral orders.
  2. Because that ruling nullified all orders after April 30, there was no longer a basis for the charges against Mr. Manke and they were dismissed and his license returned.
  3. Charges against the six stylists from “Operation Haircut” were dismissed by a judge on February 8, 2021, because the Attorney General’s office failed to send a lawyer to prosecute the case.

Governor Whitmer’s dismal handling of the pandemic and her overbearing/dictatorial attitude combined to lead the American Legislative Exchange Council to put her at number 46/50 in their ranking of governors in the United States. If she chooses to run for elected office again perhaps her campaign slogan should be “Hey! I wasn’t the WORST.”

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