Kansas Man Stumbles Upon Human Remains During His Search For Deer Antlers

A man was trying to collect deer antlers in Kansas when he made a disturbing discovery. He unexpected found a human skeleton during his search. The Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI) reported that the unnamed individual made the startling find around 5:30 p.m. on March 18.

Upon finding the remains, the man promptly called 911. Deputies from the Allen County Sheriff’s Office were the first to arrive at the scene and subsequently contacted the KBI.

Agents and the Crime Scene Response Team reached the location around 5:50 p.m. and confirmed the presence of skeletal remains.

The KBI did not provide information about how long the body might have been at the site or offer a description of its condition. An autopsy was ordered to identify the remains, but the results may take some time due to the body’s condition. The agency also noted that the age and gender could not be immediately determined from the remains.

In a statement, the KBI explained that positive identification would likely take longer than usual because of the state of the remains. The cause of death might be attributed to homicide, suicide, natural causes, or an accident. The agency also assured that there was no threat to the public resulting from the incident.

A spokesperson for the KBI told Fox News that investigators typically first look at individuals who have been reported missing in the area in such cases.

The KBI’s investigation into the incident is ongoing, and they encourage anyone with information to contact them.

This is not the first instance of someone finding skeletal remains while searching for deer antlers. In 2021, a man looking for deer antlers in a wooded area approximately 250 miles southwest of St. Louis discovered the remains of amateur mixed martial arts fighter David Koenig.

Koenig was initially reported missing in March of 2020. After the discovery of his remains, a forensic pathologist’s examination determined that his death did not appear to be the result of foul play.