Make Sure Your Vote Gets Counted

( – President Trump is fighting hard to make sure all American votes get counted. Meanwhile, it sure seems like some Democrat governors are keeping states closed to give the impression that absentee ballots are the safest way to vote. Unfortunately, past instances of voter fraud prove that simply isn’t true. The good news is that there are things we can do to make sure every vote is counted.

Ensure Accuracy

Before anything, check to make sure you’re registered to vote. This website makes it really easy to check your voter status, and if you aren’t registered, you may be able to sign up here as well. Once registered, you may need to request an absentee ballot. Some states send them automatically, while others require a direct request. Check with your local clerk or secretary of state to determine the rules in your area.

When you complete your ballot, double-check to make sure it’s completely filled out and signed everywhere it needs to be. An incomplete ballot could be one that doesn’t count.

Certified Mail

Before your vote can count, it has to get delivered. In just the past four elections, 27 million votes were lost through the mail… that we know of. That means it wasn’t even possible for them to be included in the count. In 2020, there were even multiple tubs of ballots found in one mail processing center in Wisconsin. Some ballots didn’t even have postmarks, so they would not have been processed, either since they have deadlines.

The easiest way to make sure your ballot gets delivered to the Board of Elections is by sending it certified mail. This method may cost a bit more, but someone has to sign for the envelope before it can be released, so you know it arrived. The post offices are struggling, so this is also a convenient way for voters to help financially support the USPS in their area.

Be Timely

Each state has its own ballot deadline. Check with your local clerk to find out about your local requirements. Then, make sure you mail your ballot in time. If the ballot arrives late, it won’t be counted.

Verify Your Vote

If you’re concerned your vote may not be counted, you can check, once the tallies are in. Contact your local clerk or look for an Election Division website for your area. Verify that your vote was counted.

If it wasn’t counted, or you suspect fraud, report it to the Department of Justice. Remember, you may be speaking for more than yourself. If your vote wasn’t counted, it probably wasn’t the only one, and if election fraud is happening in your area, you aren’t the only person who will suffer the consequences of it.

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