Man gets attacked by shark while fishing

NASSAU COUNTY, FL – A shark attack off Florida’s coast had a man in his 40s severely injured while he was on a fishing excursion. The incident was reported around 11 a.m. on Friday at West Rock, located near Fernandina’s port, straddling the Florida-Georgia boundary. The report came from Nassau County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Alicia Tarancon.

The responding deputy was quick to join the victim on his boat, applying a tourniquet to the bleeding right arm, thereby ensuring minimal blood loss. This life-saving measure was followed by the deputy driving the boat to the awaiting rescue team on shore.

As per the update, the victim, after being airlifted to a hospital in a critically injured state, is on a trajectory to recovery.

This mishap closely follows the recent fatal shark attack in Hawaii, which tragically claimed the life of a celebrated lifeguard and surfer, Tamayo Perry.

Perry, 49, was an integral part of Honolulu Ocean Safety since 2016. He was widely recognized as a skilled surfer, surf coach, and had also acted in films and TV shows. However, his sudden demise has left a void among the people close to him. His wife, Emilia Perry, acknowledged feeling devastated but found solace in believing that he’s in a more peaceful place now.