Man shot dead after answering his door

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Authorities in Northeast Philadelphia are investigating a brazen ambush that left a man dead in his home late Thursday night. The tragic incident unfolded around 11:30 p.m. at the Regency Townhomes on Woodhaven Road when the 33-year-old victim answered his front door to an unknown visitor. Moments later, the individual’s family, residing upstairs, heard multiple gunshots erupting, Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small recounted.

Police responding to the scene discovered the fatally injured man who was just feet away from his front door. When authorities found him, he was pronounced dead. Bullet casings marking at least 13 fired shots painted a terrifying picture of the intensity of the onslaught.

Investigators found that the assailants, who fired at the victim from outside, subsequently entered the premises and continued their lethal attack. Nothing was stolen and there were no signs of a disturbed area. Because of this, robbery was ruled out as a motive for the grisly act.

The victim’s family, including children aged under ten, were at home when the incident occurred but were physically unharmed.

Two black-clad males hastily retreating from the scene were noticed by onlookers, potentially boarding a white vehicle. Authorities are presently seeking surveillance footage and additional data to pinpoint the identity of the assailants.