Woman’s dead body found dumped near highway

SAN ANTONIO, TX – A woman’s body was found on Wednesday morning along Highway 90 in west Bexar County, according to law enforcement officials. Details shared by the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office narrated how a high school student, while aboard a school bus, noticed what seemed like a body by the roadside near Highway 90 and FM 211 just before 9 a.m.

The student contacted her mom and shared the grim discovery she had made. The mother went to the specified area to verify the student’s account, which led her to the chilling confirmation that there was, in fact, a body on the side of the road. She promptly notified the authorities of the situation.

In his description of the discovered body, Sheriff Javier Salazar remarked that the deceased appeared to be a black-haired woman between the ages of 30 and 40 sporting pigtails. She was wearing sportswear, which included black yoga pants with shorts and a tank top patterned with a light blue paisley design. A black floral tattoo marked her left arm.

According to Salazar, the woman’s body featured trauma signs and was in the early decomposition stages, indicating she might have been there for one or two days. While it’s plausible that the woman might have been a pedestrian struck by a vehicle, the distance from the road where her body was discovered suggests that she could have been deliberately dumped there, Salazar noted.

The Sheriff commended the alertness and initiative shown by both the student and mother, remarking how their actions significantly facilitated the deputies’ work in locating the woman.

Anyone with potential leads or information that may assist in this case, or who may be able to identify the woman, is requested to reach out to the authorities.