Mass shooting at Christmas party leaves 12 dead

MEXICO – At least 12 individuals were confirmed dead, with an equal number injured, following a violent incident at a pre-Christmas party early on Sunday. The mass shooting took place in the central Mexican state of Guanajuato.

The Salvatierra town attack occurred at a hacienda that is often used for hosting social events. This ugly incident was one of at least three mass shootings that transpired in Mexico over the past weekend.

Witnesses reported that around six men carrying extensive firearms infiltrated the party. When they entered the building, the holiday gathering was hosting approximately 100 young attendees. When people noticed the armed men and asked about their identities, the men savagely began firing on the crowd.

The victims, according to Tierra Negra foundation member Carlos Silva, were well-regarded young individuals whose loss is being mourned deeply. Silva expressed his horror and sorrow about the violence in Salvatierra through his social media post.

Echoing the sentiments of sorrow and anger, Salvatierra’s Mayor, German Cervantes, wrote on Facebook about the incident. He voiced his condemnation of the tragedy and promised his full cooperation with the prosecutor’s office.

Guanajuato’s Governor, Diego Sinhue Rodríguez, assured citizens of the state that those responsible would be brought to justice, extending condolences to the bereaved families via social media.