Mass shooting at Super Bowl parade, over 20 people shot

KANSAS CITY, MO – A mass shooting unfolded in Kansas City, Missouri. An eruption of gunfire broke out at the victory parade and rally for the Chiefs’ Super Bowl win. The shooting led to one casualty and at least 21 injuries, as confirmed by authorities on Wednesday.

The ordeal took place west of Union Station, close to a nearby parking structure as the festive crowds began dispersing. One attending fan, Arnold Sauther, described the chaotic scene following the team entering Union Station for autograph signing as a sudden run-for-cover scenario with police rushing towards the commotion.

Several witnesses described it as a terrifying ordeal, with one woman recounting how they hid near an elevator. They were in constant fear and uncertainty about whether it was safe to leave their hiding spot.

The injured were quickly transported to various hospitals throughout the area, with Interim Kansas City Fire Chief Ross Grundyson reporting eight victims with critical injuries. Seven of the victims are in a potentially life-threatening condition. A local pediatric hospital, Children’s Mercy Kansas City Hospital, treated 12 patients from the incident, including 11 children aged between 6 and 15.

Details concerning the full extent of victims remain unclear. However, it was confirmed late Wednesday that Lisa Lopez-Galvan, a DJ at local radio station KKFI 90.1 FM, lost her life in the incident, leaving the community and her colleagues in profound shock and sorrow.

Three suspects have since been apprehended, with at least one firearm recovered, as stated by Kansas City Police Chief Stacey Graves. The investigation remains ongoing, and a motive is yet to be established.

Key figures, including Chiefs’ players and Missouri Governor Mike Parson, have publicly offered their prayers and condolences for the victims while underlining the commendable efforts of the first responders toward preventing further casualties.