Mike Kelly Says Supreme Court Case “Alive and Well”

(ConservativeStar.com) – Representative Mike Kelly (R-PA) filed a petition first with Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, who then referred it to the court as a whole as an emergency attempt to prevent his home state from certifying votes within. The court made a single sentence reply: “the application for injunctive relief… is denied.”

The Leftist mainstream media is running wild with it, blaring headlines saying things like “high court rejects the GOP bid…” or “… after loss [sic] in US Supreme Court.” Keep in mind these are the same sources that tried to convince America there was nothing to the Hunter Biden story and it was the Republicans who held up the desperately needed coronavirus relief bills. Both of which have been proven to be lies.

All this truly means is the justices did not see a reason to short-circuit the process without full hearings.

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