Mitch McConnell Says Republicans Are in Best Position in Almost 30 Years

( – America is heading into the 2022 midterm elections with the vast majority of the primaries beginning in May. Many feel Republicans will probably regain the majority in both houses of Congress. One particular lawmaker agrees, but tempers that with a warning saying they could still mess it up.

On April 12, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) spoke about the midterms at a Kentucky Chamber of Commerce event. The GOP leader said he believes the atmosphere for big gains for his party’s candidates in both chambers is better than it was in 1994, in almost 30 years, when they gained both majorities for the first time since 1952. The sole admonition to his party’s voters is to not advance “unacceptable candidates” to the general elections in November when they could lose to their Democratic Party opponents.

While the Kentuckian did not name names about who fell into that category, his recent efforts may just indicate he’s talking more about who supports them than the candidates themselves. The New York Times published an article in February, indicating that McConnell and his group of allies are feverishly working to make sure that anybody with an endorsement from former President Donald Trump is defeated.

According to a Morning Consult survey published on April 11, the former president has a far higher favorability rating than Senator McConnell, giving these examples (Trump/McConnell):

  • Georgia 86/47
  • Ohio 80/36
  • North Carolina 87/45

That could imply that voters will pay more heed to President Trump’s opinion than McConnell’s when they head to the polls.

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