NBA Stars Urged to Drop Endorsements With Chinese Firms

( – The 2019-20 NBA season was cut in two because of the pandemic. When games began again at the end of July, the courts and most players’ jerseys contained messages of support for Black Lives Matter (BLM) and other social justice causes. That seems somewhat insincere looking back. A congressional committee has made a plea for them to end endorsement deals they have with certain Chinese companies that make shoes and other products using cotton produced through the slave labor of the Uyghur Muslim minority.

The letter from the Congressional-Executive Commission on China noted the league’s support of those issues and their efforts in “amplifying the voices of its members…” who spoke out. It also noted that the State Department considers the acts by the government there to be “genocide and crimes against humanity.”

The knowledge of what’s going on in China is not new. It’s been known since at least 2018, according to the letter. This calls into question the sincerity of the group, since, on May 3, Commissioner Adam Silver defended their relationship with the Communist country.

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