New Search Engine Looks to Replace Google’s Biased Results

( – Sir Francis Bacon is credited as being the first to coin the phrase “knowledge is power,” which may explain why many people who are planning a coup target television and radio stations as a high priority. Here in the 21st century, internet search engines have become the starting point in the quest for information, and the overwhelming majority of those inquiries are done through Google — as of October 2020, they control over 88% of the market.

Accusations have been made, and more importantly, statistical studies carried out indicate the Alphabet Inc. owned company has a distinct political Left bias. This has inspired a group to create a search engine by the name of “Right Dao” with the claim of a scratch-built algorithm aimed at returning unbiased results while protecting user information.

As clearly demonstrated in the 2020 election cycle spin that Google and mainstream media have put on, the information they dole out has an impact far greater than most people realize. It brings America and her values under a concerted attack that could change the country for decades to come.

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