New York man sentenced for brutal slashing of ex-girlfriend on subway platform

In a notable judgment delivered on Thursday, a Manhattan resident was sentenced to a prison term of 16 years-to-life for a severe assault on his former girlfriend at a subway station. The attack caused the victim to suffer from injuries to her face, neck, and back, necessitating surgical intervention.

The offender, 50-year-old Billy Hernandez, had arranged to meet his ex-girlfriend at the Fulton Street subway station on June 21, 2022, to retrieve his belongings from her. However, as she attempted to leave, he reportedly launched an unprovoked attack with a knife.

Prosecutors detailed how Hernandez seized the woman by the shoulder and commenced his brutal assault, slashing her neck. Despite her efforts to escape, the onslaught continued.

Hernandez later pled guilty to attempted assault in relation to this incident on March 30. His admission of guilt extended to two additional cases, which included inappropriate physical contact with a receptionist at a substance abuse center he visited on the day of the attack, and a separate incident where he physically assaulted an associate and stole their phone.

Moreover, Hernandez admitted to unlawful possession of a weapon, stemming from his involvement in a shooting incident in the Two Bridges area in February 2022, where he resided with his parents.

At the time of his arrest, Hernandezwas already on lifetime parole following two previous prison terms.