News Anchor Fired After Sounding Drunk During Cringe-Worthy Broadcast

Upstate New York news anchor suspended after erratic broadcast says she was ‘sleep deprived and exhausted’ – NBC News

Heather Kovar, who worked for CBS affiliate WRGB of Albany, New York, was clearly out of sorts during a 6 p.m. broadcast on Saturday. She stammered and slurred her words as she attempted to deliver the weather newscast.

This CBS6 Albany anchor was suspended after appearing in disarray on air. She also struggled to report on high temperatures and heat waves across certain areas of the country.

When she tried to pass the story along to the meteorologist Craig Gold, she got his name incorrect. She instead called him Craig Adams, who is another CBS weatherman.

On Friday, the station notified her she would not be renewing her contract, and that she will remain off-air for the remainder of her contract. She claimed to have been reporting since 6:00 am that morning, and was supposed to continue broadcasting until 11:00 pm. Considering how poorly the 6:00 pm newscast went, another anchor filled in for her later in the day.

Kovar had shared on Twitter that she’d be working a double shift, but it’s unclear if she was referring to herself or the station covering a local music festival. She also stated that her coworker was working a double shift as well.

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