NJ Family Uses Pandemic to Invent Life-Size Board Game

(ConservativeStar.com) – The coronavirus pandemic has brought many things upon the world — not the least of which were lockdowns that isolated people from one another. Lockdowns, in turn, frequently lead to boredom. Fortunately, the human spirit will use its ingenuity to invent ways to combat that problem, including coming up with new games to pass the time. One family in New Jersey found an interesting way to craft the game pieces; they simply use themselves as players.

The parents of the Aversa family of Williamstown, New Jersey, grew tired of watching their children glued to their digital devices and came up with a game that they named “What’s Next?” It uses 24 numbered game tiles lined up in a path. Players roll a die to move along the route then perform the action listed on whatever space they land on.

Players could have to pretend they are driving a race car or make certain animal noises. The final tile tells the winner to “do your victory dance,” which should probably come with a warning that says — beware, you will never be able to un-see what dad is about to do.

Other new games to come out of the pandemic include one from an inventive resident of Denver who came up with a game with elements of both beer pong and corn hole entitled “Popongo.” The inventor, Errol Anderson, says the name doesn’t mean anything.

Four sisters of the Schwaderlapp family of Wiesbaden, Germany, came up with a tabletop game named “Corona,” where players strive to gather essential items for a senior citizen neighbor in quarantine. One of those commodities is, of course, toilet paper.

It just goes to show that sometimes, creative ideas come out of boredom and these past two years have certainly given our brains the time to come up with them.

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