Off-duty officer kills man in Chick-fil-A parking lot

SUMMERVILLE, SC – An off-duty officer from the Summerville Police Department has been charged with murder after engaging in a dispute with a man in a Chick-fil-A parking lot. The incident occurred on March 20 and resulted in the death of 39-year-old Michael O’Neal.

Anthony DeLustro, 64, was identified as the assailant in the incident. According to an affidavit, witnesses reported DeLustro as the aggressor in the altercation. He was seen presenting his police credentials, calling the victim derogatory slurs, and threatening an arrest. A brawl ensued, with DeLustro and O’Neal exchanging punches and kicks, inadvertently causing DeLustro’s firearm to fall from his holster.

Although O’Neal disengaged from the clash and intended to leave, DeLustro warned him of shooting if he tried to flee. The off-duty officer then retrieved his gun, approached the victim’s vehicle, and fired a shot, killing O’Neal on the spot.

Despite the deadly altercation, DeLustro admitted that O’Neal was unarmed and that he only intended to prevent him from leaving. In a subsequent hearing, DeLustro requested mercy, given his lengthy history in law enforcement and personal family circumstances.

The victim’s family, currently arranging O’Neal’s funeral, expressed their faith in the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division to deliver justice. The investigation into the incident is ongoing.