Old man discovered stabbed to death

ATLANTA, GA – Authorities in Atlanta are actively seeking a suspect for a fatal stabbing that transpired late Thursday night. The Atlanta Police Department (APD) responded to the incident on Stonewall Drive SE at approximately 11:16 p.m., just off Moreland Avenue. Tragically, a 61-year-old man was discovered stabbed to death, the result of a confrontation with another individual. At present, investigators are engaged in conversations with witnesses and are diligently pursuing leads to locate the suspect. However, details regarding the incident remain limited.

Residents of Stonewall Drive SE expressed their astonishment in the wake of the stabbing, emphasizing that their neighborhood is typically devoid of criminal activity. One long-term resident, who has lived on the street for five years, remarked, “Never heard a shooting, never heard a gunshot, nothing. No break-ins, no car break-ins, none of that.” She noted that law enforcement presence is rare due to a low rate of violent crime.

Another resident, who has resided in the area for three decades, echoed these sentiments, saying, “It’s a pretty nice neighborhood, nothing like that ever happens over here.” The Atlanta Police Department’s crime map reveals that this incident marks the neighborhood’s sole murder reported in 2023. However, when considering aggravated assault and simple assault cases, the victim count for the year rises to ten. Notably, the neighboring area exhibits similar trends, with no reported murders or aggravated assaults in 2023 but a tally of seven victims of simple assaults.

In light of these developments, authorities continue their search for the suspect, while residents grapple with the shocking occurrence in what they typically consider a peaceful neighborhood.