Parler Launches Lawsuit Against Amazon

( – Throughout the 2020 presidential election cycle, Liberal elitists at Facebook, Twitter, Google and Amazon Web Services (AWS) went to great lengths to attack Conservative people and companies’ online presence. If one fell afoul of their idea of what constituted “appropriate,” they would cut them off without warning, just like they did with the official account of the President of the United States (POTUS) when Donald Trump held that office.

Left Without Recourse

After the Capitol Hill riots of January 6, 2021, the people at AWS decided that the Conservative social media site Parler was somehow complicit in the event and cut them off. Companies like Parler rely on outside vendors for cloud infrastructure to reach their subscribers, making this a critical business issue.

Amazon’s market share in that type of hosting service was 32% in the fourth quarter of 2020, which left it with more than Microsoft and Google — the next two largest — combined. Part of the basis of Parler’s previous federal suit was that between these three giants, they effectively have a monopoly in the cloud computing sector, leaving Parler with no place to conduct their business. In essence, Parler claims this violates the antitrust laws in the United States.

From the Federal Courts to the State

Eventually, Parler was able to find another company to provide the tools they needed to reenter the cyber world, rendering the federal antitrust case moot. However, they still wish to pursue the matter of damages they have suffered because of the controversy, so they have refiled against Amazon in Washington State court.

They claim the mega-corporation’s actions cost them current and future users in the eight-figure range and the potential loss of hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising revenue. As the app’s lawyer noted in the complaint filed in Washington, “[N]ot surprisingly, [sic] when an Internet-based company cannot get on the Internet, the damage is extraordinary.”

Although Left-leaning media outlets are mocking the lawsuit, using words like “nutbag” and “loser,” the case, at its core, is actually about protecting the concepts of freedom of speech and association. As social media continues to drive so much of the daily narrative, the judicial system must intervene so that voices from all sides are heard, not just voices from the Left.

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