Pence Declares Law and Order on the Ballot

( – On Friday morning, August 21, Mike Pence chimed in with his analysis of the Democratic National Convention (DNC) and a hint of what’s to come for the GOP as well. The vice president didn’t mince words saying the American people will see the difference in the choice they have this November.

Pence’s analysis of the DNC was swift and concise. He said the Left was cynical and failed to address the violence plaguing Democratic-led US cities. According to the vice president, they paint a negative picture of the country, and their radical left policies would only invite more violence on America’s streets. He said the contrast would demonstrate there’s no confusion about the position of himself and the president — law and order is on the ballot, and the police will be heavily supported during the Republican National Convention.

Pence also said that Democrats were offering a false alternative between supporting law enforcement and African-American families. He said both can, should, and have been done since January 2017 when he and Trump took office.

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